September 15, 2022
‘Bolsonaro promotes hatred’: violence stalks run-up to crucial Brazil election
“The brutal killing of a Lula supporter and other violent incidents are the product of a toxic climate whipped up by the far-right president, critics say. The body was found in the shade of a mango tree: a man’s life cut short in a frenzy of stabbing – and a horrifying symbol of the political violence that has gripped Brazil under its rabble-rousing president, Jair Bolsonaro. ‘He showed no sign of remorse,’ the police chief investigating the murder said of the prime suspect, a Bolsonaro-supporting lumberjack who allegedly committed the crime because he disliked the victim’s leftist views. The murder of Benedito Cardoso dos Santos, which took place last Wednesday near a remote Amazon town, has sent shock waves through South America’s most populous nation as it braces for its most important presidential election in decades on 2 October.” – The Guardian