Meditation or Power Games?

Meditation or Power Games

Why do I react against the management and the people in positions around you?

“It is simple. Because you want to be in the management around me, in a powerful position, that’s why you react.

“You are not a humble person. You are not here for meditation. Here, too, you are a power seeker. It is so clear that if you cannot see it, then you must be utterly blind.

“Some kind of management is necessary; it is functional. It is a small place. If one thousand people enter into this house then some kind of management will be needed, and anybody who will be managing will look as if he has power. But what power? It is simply functional, it is utilitarian. And you are reacting to it.

“You can be put into management – others will be reacting to you then. Then everybody can be put into management; then whom are you going to manage? So just don’t be stupid. The people who are managing are managing perfectly well, and they are managing humbly – nobody is arrogant, nobody is trying to dominate. But there are moments when they have to show you that a few things cannot be done. What do you want?

“I was in Athens. In my press conference there were forty police officers. Now I said, ‘Is it a police conference? With whom am I going to talk?’ These were the people against whom I had to talk, and they had not allowed anybody else. Only police officers were there in the conference. And the press people.

“If there is no management here, you will see all the CID’s and all the police officers sitting here just wasting my time – because what I am to say is of no use to them. And they are wasting their time. So somebody has to watch every face and see how many police officers are to be allowed. A few have to be allowed; they are there. Even without knowing, I can say who is a police officer, because he is not listening – he is looking here, he is looking there. What is he doing? He is not here at all.

“So it is nothing, it is simply your ego. Drop it. It is nothing worth discussing; simply drop it.”

Excerpted from Osho, The Osho Upanishad, Talk #15

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