Without Meditation the World Is Hell

Without Meditation the World Is Hell

Turn Inside – Find Your Inner Treasure

For those who have looked inside and found their inner treasure, life becomes a paradise. Otherwise, without meditation it is hell. And everyone who has looked inside has found their inner treasure. Why waste time?

“Turn in, search inside. Our true reality is there. And the wonder of wonders is that the moment you know your own treasure, the whole existence becomes infinitely more beautiful because it starts reflecting your richness. Existence is like a mirror: it reflects you. If you are rich, fulfilled, contented, it reflects your richness, fulfillment, contentment. If you are poor, ugly, depressed, it reflects that. It simply goes on echoing you. The same existence becomes hell for a few people and becomes a paradise for a few other people. It all depends on you.

“Without meditation the world is hell. A process of becoming aware of himself; changing based metal into gold, it is Inner Alchemy. The base metal is the man who is unaware of himself; to change him into gold is make him aware, it is to turn in.

“The whole magic is in the art of meditation. Without meditation the world is a hell, life is hell. With meditation it is paradise. Meditation is the only way to turn in.

The treasure is within and we search outside, hence we are doomed to fail.

“Everybody fails. Those who fail, of course, they fail; and those who succeed, they also fail.

“We have a saying that nothing succeeds like success. I don’t agree with it, I say nothing fails like success. You can ask Alexander the Great and all others Alexanders – they have all failed because whatsoever they succeeded in was worthless. It was not in any way enhancing their being, it was not making them rich in their being. They remained as poor as ever. In fact, a poor man never becomes aware of his inner poverty. Only a rich man has that privilege; he becomes aware of his inner poverty because he has the possibility to compare and contrast. On the outside, he goes on heaping up treasures and inside he can see the emptiness, the absolute emptiness.

“Be courageous and face yourself.

“Meditation means turning in… and suddenly you are the master. Nothing is lacking, nothing is missing. All that you need is already there within you. Just a little turning in and a transformation happens. It can happen in a single step. It need not be gradual, it can be sudden, like lightning. It all depends on how much courage you have to move in. Be courageous and face yourself.

That’s the only difference between the religious person and the non-religious person: the non-religious person goes on seeking somewhere else, everywhere except in his own being.

“He seeks and searches everywhere. He has reached Everest, he has reached the moon; soon he will be reaching the stars. It is some vague search. He is not even clear about why he is doing it, why he is going to the moon.

“We have not been able to make this earth happy yet. Half of humanity is dying, starving, and the other half which is not starving is not in any way happier. Maybe physically they are getting nourishment, but psychologically they are becoming so insane, imbalanced. The earth is in chaos and we are putting so much money and so much intelligence and so much effort into reaching the moon. For what? What are you going to do on the moon?

“Some vague desire: We have not found it here, maybe it is somewhere else. Let us go to the moon and then to Mars and then on and on…. And there is no end to the universe.

The religious person is one who searches within, in the first place.

“And that seems to be very logical: before you go searching anywhere else, at least have a look within. If it is not there, then go somewhere else. But anybody who has ever looked within has always found it there. There has never been an exception. This can be said to be one of the most fundamental laws of life, it is unexceptionally proved: whosoever has looked within has become rich, has found an inexhaustible treasure. He has found the pearl, he has found the divine, the eternal.”

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