Melt into the Oceanic Energy of the Other

Melt into the Oceanic Energy of the Other

“Go to the sea, there are millions of waves. You never see the sea, you always see the waves, because they are on the surface. But every wave is nothing but a waving of the sea, the sea is waving through all the waves. Remember the ocean and forget the waves – because waves don’t really exist, only the ocean exists….

“…Whenever you have time, sit with your friend – your beloved, your wife, your husband or anybody, a stranger will do – just sit and look into each other’s eyes without thinking, and try to penetrate the eyes without thinking. Just look deeper and deeper into each other’s eyes. Soon you will become aware that the waves have been crossed and an ocean has opened unto you.

Look into each other’s eyes deeply, because eyes are just the doors. And if you don’t think, if you just stare into the eyes, soon the waves will disappear and the ocean will be revealed.

“Do it first with a human being, because you are closer to that type of wave. Then move to animals – a little more distant. Then move to trees – still more distant waves; then move to the rocks.

“If you can look deep down into the eyes, you will feel that the man has disappeared, the person has disappeared. Some oceanic phenomenon is hidden behind and this person was just the waving of a depth; a wave of something unknown and hidden.

 “Try this. It will be something worth knowing… Wherever you feel any distinction, know that you are on the surface. All distinctions are on the surface; “many” belongs to the surface….

 “…Look deep and don’t be deceived by the surface. Soon you will become aware of an ocean all around. Then you will see that you are also just a wave, your ego is just a wave. Behind that ego, the nameless, the one, is hidden.

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