Talking to the Sky

Talking to the Sky

Talking to the sky looks like madness. We have seen mentally derailed people roaming around, talking to nobody,  and we feel sorry for them. But wait a minute.  If done consciously, this can be a wonderful remedy to regain your emotional balance and feel relaxed.

For centuries Christian believers have been going to church and speaking words that do not make sense. This exercise is called speaking in tounges. Although this exercise has nothing to do with any religion or belief,  it was practiced in some churches. It is a scientific process of unburdening the overloaded mind.  The American celebrity like Megan Fox has been participating in this process regularly since she was 8 years old. In this process people come together and produce nonsense sounds; a point comes when they feel they are not doing it, rather it is happening by itself.

Megan Fox said to Esquire,” The energy is so intense in the room, that you feel like anything can happen…You know how palpable the energy is. Whatever’s going on there, it’s for real… your whole body is filled with this electric current.”

This is the power of the sound.  The sound is broken into waves that penetrate deep into the bones and the marrow. They cleanse any accumulated tensions over there and energize the body. Osho has made a full-fledged meditation based on this which is called Osho Devavani Meditation. Devavani means the divine sound.  We can also say it is the sound that comes from the no mind. Osho asks to say whatsoever comes to the mind. Sometimes just sounds, sometimes animal sounds, sometimes screaming, howling, yelling, whatsoever.

“And don’t try to create any sense, because that will be nonsense … You are not talking to any human being; you are talking to the vast sky which cannot understand any language. Language will not be helpful because if you go on with the pattern of language you never transcend your mind. When you talk with the sky without meaningful communication the mind simply drops; it has no use, it cannot continue.”

There has been research done by the University of Pennsylvania, and they have scanned people’s brains while they are speaking in tounges and they found that the frontal lobes of the brain are not active during the irrational talk. People who do it regularly are known to be emotionally more stable than those who do not. 

The modern mind accumulates noise and when you want to go to sleep it still continues. You do not know how to switch it off. Therefore everybody needs cathartic methods such as these. Simply allow the mind to release this energy, and you will fall asleep. The next day you will carry this freshness throughout the day.

By Amrit Sadhana

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