Between Yesterday and Tomorrow Is Today

Between Yesterday and Tomorrow Is Today

Here at the OSHO International Meditation Resort, we have a novel way of greeting the New Year. When the first ray of January sparkles and people meet each other, they say, “Happy Now Here.” Those who hear it for the first time stop in their tracks – did they hear aright? And in a flash, they get the significance of the phrase. This has emerged out of the Osho insight, “There is nowhere else to go and there is no other space and no other time to live, only this space and this time – here and now.”

There are many advantages of being here and now. First and foremost is that you start living with intensity. Life can do nothing but become very intense if you start living in this moment. A man who lives in hope dissipates life. He spreads life too thin. And when it becomes too thin, it is never going to be a happy life. Happiness means a life of intensity, of tremendous depth. If you spread your hope into the future, life will become very thin and colorless. It will lose depth.

Another advantage is that when you live intensely in the moment there is no need for the future. It does not mean there will be no future chronologically; it means your mind has no option but to turn in. This is a moment of transformation. The very quality of time changes for you. You are not bogged down by it. You are relaxed with each fleeting moment. If there is no past, no future, there is only this moment. And all tensions drop.

You may have already realized that tension arises from your mind wandering back and forth between the past and the future – memories from the past, worries about the future – these are two demons that rob you of your peace in the present moment. This moment is so fresh and silent, so luminous, so profound: it cannot take the burden of tensions, and they simply evaporate by themselves.

Here’s a tip from Osho:

‘’Try being an ordinary man, a nobody, with no name, no identity, with nothing to claim, with no power to enforce on others, with no effort to dominate, with no desire to possess, just being a nonentity. Try it – and see how powerful you become, how filled with energy and overflowing, so powerful that you can share your power, so blissful that you can give it to many, to millions. And the more you give, the more you are enriched. The more you share, the more it grows. You become a flood.’’

“Just by being a nobody.” 1 

Between yesterday and tomorrow is today. If you really want to love, really want to live, and then why not be right here, right now, in other words, here now, today? Otherwise, when today will have become yesterday you will again start projecting all the stuff that didn’t happen: Incomplete experiences are projected. Unfulfilled desires are projected. When you really love, totally, this moment, you will never need to think about this moment again. It is finished, it is complete, it disappears, and it leaves you without a trace.

Amrit Sadhana

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